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Web3 Warriors

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Escape the dungeon

Epic Onchain
Survival Game

Escape the dungeon by battling elemental lords, endless waves of undead enemies and terrifying bosses. Earn $BATTLE tokens and upgrade your characters by buying NFTs in the in-game shop.

Built with thirdweb

Web3 under the hood

Invisible Wallet

Automatically generate personal wallets for all players. No need to connect your wallet or sign transactions. Simply login with email.
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Take care of the blockchain gas cost for your users to provide a seamless experience with the power of Account Abstraction. Your account and data persist, cross-platform and cross-device.
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Gaming Contracts

1-click deploy contracts from Explore. Every contract you need to create your web3 game.
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Unity SDK

Simple to use and robust SDK that works cross-platform (native, mobile, console, browser, and VR). Quickly integrate web3 into games.
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How we built Web3 Warriors

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Why build web3 games

Build faster

No need to setup databases and servers for your game. Simply use the power of blockchain to load user data and assets.

New revenue streams

Monetize on player engagement. Collect royalty fees for every in-game assets traded within your in-game marketplace.


Player's game assets are not only useful within a specific game. Enable players to carry digital assets outside of your game and into other gaming universes.

Build web3 games fast

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